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Hello there and welcome to Newgrounds Adult Games: the number one destination online for all of your adult gaming needs! First launched in July 2016, Newgrounds Adult Games has fast become the go-to destination for people who want high-quality, sexy gaming fun. You might have heard of us before, but now is the time for you to try the project out for yourself! What's so great about our community is the simple fact that you can sign up completely free of charge! Those experienced gamers out there will all know that there have been times in the past where companies have charged over the odds for a low quality product: not anymore! We are so confident that you are going to love what's inside we're giving away completely free of charge. The idea here is that our interests will align and that we will continue to provide you with great gaming fun long into the future. This way, we can maximize our income by offering you decent games that give you what you want: hot and sexy gaming fun! Now if that sounds like the type of thing that just might interest you, feel free to sign up right now and check out what's inside. We can't wait to see you. If you want to know more, please feel free to continue reading down below: I'll give you all the details that you need to know!

Huge range of games

Have you ever felt that there has been a significant lack of porn games out there? Well the good news is that we have a hell of a lot of them! From the get go, the team knew the quantity was going to be the answer to everyone's prayers. See, if you put all your eggs into one basket and only offer one game, chances are that not everybody is going to be happy with your choice. Newgrounds Adult Games has decided that the best solution is to offer dozens of games across a multitude of genres. This way, everyone can be catered for and enjoy something that's on the other side. It was a tough decision to make to begin with, but we truly believe that the results speak for themselves. We offer a whole host of games across many different sexual and genre-based niches. Suffice to say that if you believe variety is the spice of life, you are going to be in good hands.

Hot gameplay action

Despite the fact that we have a lot of variety in very large numbers, don't think for a second that the games aren't fun to play. We truly appreciate that gameplay is a highly important variable when it comes to sex gaming online - that's why we hired the best gameplay developers in the business to maintain our expectations and give you the games you want. It's safe to say that Newgrounds Adult Games has swept up all the competition and shown everyone else how it should be done. These days, you'll struggle to find any community that thinks they're actually better - that's because we beat them out every single time! Our gameplay action is some of the best on the Internet and even if you remove the adult element, we are confident that people would still come back and play our games – just goes to show the lengths we'll go to in order to provide you with world-class sexy gaming fun. The current types of titles we offer will be expanded upon over the coming months and years: stay tuned for more information on the future of releases we have here at Newgrounds Adult Games!

Great community features

Although not everybody wants to have a community-based sex gaming experience, plenty of games out there do. As a result of this fact, we've taken it upon ourselves to include many community features that people have requested. These include a Discord server, official forums, a chat bot and more. The team also has a very robust achievement system and leaderboard. If you think you have what it takes to go up against the best sex gamers of all time, chances are this is the very best place to do exactly that! We hand out prizes regularly for those who have shown themselves to be the best of the best. Speed runners are welcome and you will find a very supportive community that will squeeze out every last piece of competitive integrity inside you. Those who think they have the skills to pay the bills can put themselves to the test right here. Of course, if you are a casual gamer, you can still go right ahead and enjoy our achievements system. This was built from the ground up to support people in playing games regularly and in different styles. Chances are your cock will be sore by the time you are finished here! Just make sure you try and get all of the achievements done before you jizz your load off.

Big future ahead

The team that Newgrounds Adult Games has many big plans ahead. We are not entirely sure of what will come first, but just know that we have a lot of things in the pipeline and if you are a porn-based gamer, you will want to get in sooner rather than later. From the start, we have tried to establish an effective sex gaming community: now it is time for you to sign up and see what a proper destination based around this concept looks like. We want our games to do the talking, so please come on in and see for yourself just how amazing things are. We truly have the hottest games and dozens of them for you to try out - so what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free account now, get inside, prepared a coconut oil and you'll be jerking yourself silly in no time at all.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this introduction to our community. See you on the other side and happy fapping!

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